VR – Work

As a filmmaker I shoot anything from 16mm to 3D stereoscopic 360°.
As a VR Creator I see linear 360° as well as interactive social.

Loving the diversity of the medium always looking for challenges and possibilities to collaborate.

I worked as a technical and creative Director and Producer for different styles of clients like e.g. BMW, Samsung, UNICEF, LIVE NATION, Arte, ZDF, rbb, WDR, Goethe-Institute (Montreal, Salvador de Bahia, Nairobi), Festivals (Berlinale-EFM, Stereopsia, VRHAM!)

Below you find a short selection of some of my favourite immersive projects from the past years that I had the honor to be part of (tbc):

by NowHere, 2021
Interactive VR Documentary

Role: Co-Producer & Volumetric Video Postproduction Producer

Awards: “Storyscapes Ward” – 20th Tribeca Film Festival, “Best Documentary Experience”-2021 Raindance Film Festival, “Gran Prize”+”Best Immersive Cinema”-2021 VRNow Awards, “Best Interactive Entertainment”-2021 nextReality Contest

African Space Makers
by The NRB Bus Collective, 2020
Interactive 360° Mockumentary

Role: Director of Photography & VR-producer

Awards: “Best VR Direction” Stereopsia Europe 2020 Lumiere Awards, “Impact Award” XRMust XR Awards 2020

Director, Script: The NRB Bus Collective
Author: Vincenzo Cavallo Faras
Director of photography: Isa Mohamed, Philipp Wenning
Stereographer: Sönke Kirchhof
Sound: Bilal Hasimi
Spatial Audio: Rekorder Studios Berlin
Line Producer: Silvia Gioiello
Producer (Kenya): Brian Afande
Producer (Germany): Sönke Kirchhof
Production: Cultural Video Production
Co-Production: INVR.SPACE
Co-Production: Black Rhino VR

by INVR.SPACE, 2020
Social VR Festival Platform

Role: 3D Design & Visual Realisation & Production

Awards: Halo Award 2020 for best platform “Special New Horizon” (as META.SPACE Platform)

Concept & Design: Ulrich Schrauth & Anja Cambria, Festival Producer (BFI): Olivia Howe,
3D Design & Visual Realisation: Philipp Wenning & Sönke Kirchhof, Developed & Produced by INVR.SPACE

by Mona Al Gammal, 2017
VR experimental Fiction

Role: Technical Director, Creative Technologist

RhizomatVR was part of the exhibition “Limits of Knowing” by Berliner Festspiele.

Produced by INVR.SPACE
Co-Produced by Arte/ZDF, Berliner Festspiele
Available in the ARTE 360 App.

Direction, Scenography, Script, Concept: Mona el Gammal
Technical Director & Creative Technologist: Philipp Wenning
Director of Photography: Christian Möller
Postproduction Supervisor & Editor: Philipp Wenning
Production: Berliner Festspiele/Immersion, ZDF/ARTE, INVR.SPACE GmbH
Executive & Creative Producer: Sönke Kirchhof
Associate Producers: Simon Ofenloch (ZDF/ARTE), Kay Meseberg (ARTE360/ARTE G.E.I.E.), Annina Zwettler (ARTE Deutschland), Jochen Werner (Berliner Festspiele)

by ExpandingFocus, INVR.SPACE, rlf, FMX 2015
Interactive VR Documentary

Role: Director

The interview App was shown at the Kaleidoscope World Tour 2016, MUTEK Montreal VR Salon, Dutch VR Days and was part of an FMX Exhibit in 2016

„Future of VR“ features:
Marc Bolas (Director for Mixed Reality Research, USC Institute for Creative Technologies)
Paul Raphael (Co-Founder and Director of Felix&Paul Studios)
Mona Hamdy (Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Al Baydha Development Corporation)
Eric Joris (Artistic Director, Crew)
Kern Perlin (Professor of Computer Science, NYU Media Research Lab)
John Root (Co-Founder of Magic Leap and VR LA)
Cory Strassburger (Co-Founder of Kite & Lightning)